Evanston Cash Loans and Collateral Loans

No Penalty, Low Interest Loans.

Windy City Jewelry Loan is the leading secure cash loan lender in the North Shore. We provide short-term, low interest cash loans to customers in Evanston, Rogers Park, and surrounding areas. At Windy City Jewelry and Loan, we are proud to help our neighbors by offering collateral loans.

We provide cash loans against our customer’s valuables. When you pledge us property, we lend you money. When you pay back the loan, your merchandise is returned to you. It's that simple! The next time you find yourself in an emergency, or simply need a little extra cash for the month, consider a collateral loan. Get the cash you need, when you need it. Ditch the high interest rates of a payday loan. We provide cash loans with no surprises and no hidden fees!

How a Pawn Loan Works:

  1. Bring in your valuables. We offer collateral loans (pawn loans) against a wide range of valuables, including jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, gaming consoles, coins, cameras, and much more.
  2. Your item is evaluated by one of our GIA Trained Appraisers.
  3. We give you cash based on the determined value of your items.
  4. When you pay back the loan, we return your valuables.

If you elect not to redeem your collateral, we keep the valuables to be sold in-store. There are absolutely NO credit consequences to the borrower.

evanston cash loans at Windy City Jewelry and Loan

Why Evanston Windy City Jewelry and Loan?

Windy City Jewelry and Loan has proudly served Evanston and the North Shore for nearly 30 years. We are proud to offer quality Collateral Cash Loans to our customers. If you are looking for a cash loan in Evanston, count on our experienced, professional lenders whom you can trust.

  • Licensed and Bonded Evanston Pawn Shop with 30 Years of Experience.
  • No Credit Consequences to the Borrower.
  • GIA Trained Licensed Appraisers. Offering Free Loan Evaluations.
  • All Loans are 100% Confidential
  • Low Interest
  • No Credit Checks Required
  • Flexible Loan Agreements: 0 – 60 Days, in any amount.
  • Instant Cash, No Limits
  • You Maintain Ownership of Your Valuables