Gold Buying

Gold Buying in Evanston

Windy City Jewelry & Loan is a great resource to buy and sell gold in Evanston. While electronics can lose value as technology advances, gold retains value and can be resold for cash. This makes gold a great investment, especially if you're aware of market fluctuations and gold appraisal practices. The trained appraisers at Windy City Jewelry & Loan can help guide you through the process of buying and selling gold in Evanston.

Gold for Sale in Evanston

Buying Gold

If you want to buy gold in Evanston, Windy City Jewelry & Loan is the place for you. We sell a variety of gold jewelry, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and charms. We also have gold wedding bands, rings and gold watches for both men and women. It's a great way to expand your jewelry collection without breaking the bank. If you're a creative type wanting to make your own jewelry or other items, you can buy broken gold or scrap gold to make your own custom piece.

We offer some of the lowest gold prices in Evanston, as our merchandise is priced to move. Our inventory is constantly refreshed with new gold pieces, so check back often to find great one-of-a-kind deals.

Selling Gold

When selling gold, you want a buyer you trust to give you the best value for your merchandise. Windy City Jewelry & Loan's team includes some of the best gold buyers in Evanston. Our store has been a fixture in the community for years, and we've spent that time building and maintaining our reputation as the best place to sell your gold locally.

We buy a variety of gold beyond just jewelry, so if you're looking to sell gold for money, think beyond the usual rings and watches. You may have valuable gold coins, knickknacks or scrap gold to sell. Windy City Jewelry & Loan pays cash for gold of all kinds. Call our store to speak to an appraiser, or come in to visit us and see how much your gold is worth.

Selling Gold in Evanston

Gold Appraisal

The appraisers at Windy City Jewelry & Loan are here to help you get the best value for your gold. We have years of experience determining gold's worth based on various factors, including its karat (the amount of actual gold content in the piece) and condition. However, your gold merchandise's value isn't a static, independent amount. It is reliant on a variety of factors that a trained gold appraiser analyzes in order to properly assess its value.

Market Fluctuations

A major determinant of gold prices is the gold market itself. As gold is a commodity, its price varies according to the market. If demand for gold is high, then the price will rise. Demand for gold can be driven by individual investors as well as larger industrial trends. Central banks also influence the market price when massive amounts of gold are bought or sold.

These diverse factors should give you a good general idea of why gold's value varies. Gold sellers may get a different price based on selling now as opposed to later. Likewise, gold buyers may get a better deal if they buy now as opposed to later.

Windy City Jewelry & Loan has a team of experienced gold appraisers to help you understand gold's current value at any given time. You can also get a good sense of market trends by watching gold's market price over time. Check this page for weekly updates on the latest prices for gold and other precious metals:

Market Trends

Windy City Jewelry & Loan Gold Prices

Pawn Gold

If you need cash fast but don't want to part with your gold permanently, pawning gold is a great alternative. When you pawn gold at Windy City Jewelry & Loan, we give you a cash loan and hold on to your gold as collateral. As soon as you pay back your loan according to the agreed-upon terms, you get your gold back.

There are a few circumstances in which it'd be preferable to pawn gold. You may have a cherished heirloom that you don't want to let go of, even though you need a cash loan immediately. Our cash lenders understand that these things happen in life, and want to help you get the loan you need with agreeable terms. If you come to Windy City Jewelry & Loan, we'll work with you to find an agreement that suits everyone. Perhaps you want to sell your gold, but the gold market isn't so great at the time you need quick cash. In that case, a collateral loan for your gold gives you the cash you need now, and lets you regain your gold in order to potentially sell it at a later time for a higher price. You can find out more about pawn loans from our Loans page.

Windy City Jewelry & Loan is a leading gold buyer in Evanston. Visit our store today or call us at
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