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At Our Evanston Pawn Shop, You Always Get More Money

If you are looking for a fast cash loan in Evanston, Illinois, come to Windy City Jewelry and Loan today. At Windy City, you don't have to sell your valuables to get cash. We offer collateral cash loans anywhere from $5 to $10,000. And once the loan is repaid, your items are returned.

Get Cash Loans in Evanston

Need cash fast? Windy City Jewelry & Loan gives fair-value loans, so stop by to sell your items. We buy back estate jewelry, wedding sets and more!

Our Trained Appraisers Have Served Evanston Since 1988

With gold prices at an all-time high, don't sell your jewelry. Instead, get a non-recourse, renewable loan to get the cash you need. You always get more money at Windy City Jewelry & Loan in Evanston, IL.

PawnMaster Helps Us Better Serve Evanston

At Windy City Jewelry & Loan, we use PawnMaster software to keep track of our business and client history to make sure we reward our best clients with the highest prices.

Want More Money in Evanston? Windy City Jewelry & Loan Can Help!

At Windy City Jewelry & Loan we offer collateral loans that give you cash fast. Just bring something of value to our Evanston location and we'll give you the money it's worth. Return the money within 30 days and get your valuables back. I's as simple as that!

Evanston's Bilingual Source for Collateral Loans

Windy City Jewelry & Loan serves both English and Spanish speaking customers in Evanston. If you need cash fast, visit us today to get the money you need!

A Family-Owned Business With Over 20 Years of Experience in Evanston

Windy City Jewelry & Loan has been serving Evanston for over 20 years. We're family-owned and our appraisers are licensed and certified, so you'll work with someone professional and understanding. Our fair buy and loan offers ensure you'll get the most money for your valuables!

Don't Sell Your Jewelry, Take A Loan On It Instead

You don't have to sell your valuable jewelry. Instead, you can take a collateral loan on it and get it back once you've repaid. At Windy City Jewelry & Loan in Evanston, we give you the money you need. Get cash without selling your jewelry.