Windy City Jewelry and Loan is my favorite pawn shop in Evanston. I was surprised how easy it is to get a cash loan. I stop by whenever I need quick cash, and I can pawn against all kinds of things.
Paul Moreno
Evanston, IL
When I’m looking to sell jewelry in Evanston, my first and often only stop is Windy City Jewelry and Loan. They offer great rates and have certified appraisers.
Lisa Whistler
Elgin, IL
There are no shortage of pawn shops near me, and I’ve gone to more than a few. Once I found Windy City Jewelry and Loan, it’s the only pawn shop I go to. They offer the best rates on short-term loans and are very customer focused. They even worked with me when I missed a payment.
Sherry Douglas
Rogers Park, IL