Buy a Bike In Evanston

After a long winter and a few teases of warmth throughout the spring, it seems that sunny weather is finally ours to enjoy. What better way to enjoy your time outside than riding a bike in the breeze. Bikes are great for leisure, transportation and exercise, so it just makes sense to own a good one!

buy bikes in evanston

You can buy a used bike in Evanston at Windy City Jewelry & Loan and get an unbeatable deal. Whether you need a simple street cruiser for getting around town or a more serious multi-gear bike for your active lifestyle, our ever-changing inventory probably has what you need. We sell kids' bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes and everything in between. Before you spend top dollar on a new bike at a bike shop or sporting goods store, do yourself and your budget a favor and check out our selection. We buy and sell only quality bikes in good working condition. While our bikes are pre-owned, many are in nearly new condition (though these tend to sell fast!). Our bikes are priced to move because we are constantly updating our inventory.

If you're interested in selling your bike or getting a pawn loan for your bike, feel free to swing by our Evanston pawn shop and let our appraisers take a look. If it's in good condition and we've got the room for it, chances are you'll get a great value for it.

Whether you're buying or selling a bike this spring, stop by Windy City Jewelry & Loan in Evanston to find the best deals in town!

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