Who Applies for Pawn Loans in Evanston?

Our Customer Stories

At Windy City Jewelry and Loan in Evanston, we sell high quality electronics, jewelry, instruments, and more. While we love watching new customer’s faces light up when they come across an unexpected find, our main service is offering collateral loans.

Windy City Jewelry and Loan is the leading loan service in Evanston. We offer collateral loans to give new and returning customers quick cash against the value of their items. Once the loan is repaid, the items are returned. For over 30 years, our Evanston pawn shop has offered transparent, low interest loans for our customers. In those 30 years, we have gotten to know our customers, and learned how our loan services help our returning customers.

Small Loans in a Matter of Minutes

Why do our customers apply for loans? You may be surprised! Not every loan is for a large amount of money. In fact, most of our loans are for smaller amounts against smaller, everyday items. Because your items are returned once your collateral loan is repaid, many of our customers will pawn the same items over and over. One of our long time customers visits our location twice a month, every other Thursday. After the first appraisal, he pawns the same item each time. He gets paid on the Saturday, and he visits our store to get cash to hold him over until his check comes in on Saturday. At this point, the whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

Another repeat customer owns his own construction company. At the end of a particularly big job, he was paid with check that took several days to clear. Knowing that his employees wanted to be paid once the job was completed, he came in to Windy City Jewelry and Loan to get the cash he needed to pay his team. He received an estimate for his Rolex, and was given the cash he needed to pay his workers. Once the check cleared, he repaid the loan, and his beautiful watch was returned to him.

One of our customers stops by early every Monday morning on his way to work. He brings DVD’s, Video Games, and other small electronics to get cash so he can buy lunch all week. On Friday when his check comes in, he stops by our store in the evening to repay the loan and pick up his items.

Dealing with the Unexpected

Sometimes the unexpected occurs, and for all of your saving, you just don’t have the cash needed at the time. One of our customers is known for smaller, repeat loans, but came to us with several valuables in order to cover funeral costs when there was an unexpected death in his family. A well-known customer with an excellent repayment record, our staff went above and beyond to accommodate him with an extended payment plan. Within a couple of months, the loan was repaid, and all valuables were returned.

Our Evanston shop has been in business since the 1980s. We have thousands of stories of customers we have helped get the cash they need. Our process is quick and confidential. We treat your items with the utmost care while they are in our care. Want to learn more about applying for a loan? Stop by our store today and share your story, and get the cash you need.

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